Why I Started Perfect 8 Counts...

P8C started as a very simple idea.  I wanted to provide online access to step-by-step choreography videos for pom, cheer, and dance teams.  In-person choreography can be very expensive, and small teams sometimes do not have a large enough budget to bring in choreographers.  I realized that I could reach all of those teams and squads by creating a website that offered online choreography for affordable prices.

Little did I know that this simple idea would turn into the business that it is today.  Not only does Perfect 8 Counts offer choreography, but we hope to offer something deeper.  I have always wanted to create a brand that reflects my passion for the cheer and dance world.  I believe that girls on a team have very important responsibilities. They are ambassadors for their school and their community, they are sisters to each other, and they are role models for the younger cheerleaders and dancers that look up to them.  THIS is the message I want to send through Perfect 8 Counts. Yes, we provide affordable choreography, but we are also here to inspire. We are here to guide your team through our motivational posts, videos, and workshops. We are here to help coaches continue to teach their girls new material and encourage them to learn throughout the year.  Most of all we are here to hopefully show girls that their role as a cheerleader or dancer is so much more than just performance.

Most girls in the cheer and dance world know that it can be tough.  It is competitive, and it is emotional for girls of all ages. I pray that the Perfect 8 Counts community will always be a place for teams to support each other, for coaches to be encouraging, and for girls to empower one another.  It is our job as women to make sure that this happens!

Keep inspiring, keep empowering, and keep counting it out.

5, 6, 7, 8!

Mary Dill Krow, Owner & Founder