Team Goal Setting

How do we become the best pom, cheer, or dance team that we can be?

We do not have to be perfect every day.  We do not have to accomplish all our goals at once.  In order to be successful, all we need to do is make sure that we are improving a little bit every single day.  How do we do that?

As a team, we always need to communicate on what our most important goals are.  Are we going to competition this year?  What kind of performance do we want to have?  What did we do last year that we can improve?  What mistakes can we learn from?  What did we do well that we want to replicate?

Coaches, make sure you sit down with your team and talk about your goals.  Daily goals, weekly goals, and yearly goals are all important. Support your team members and lead with confidence. 

Team members, communicate with each other about the ways you can be the best!  Talk about your strengths and weaknesses.  Talk about your vision of success.  Talk about the little things you can do along the way.

Like we mentioned in the beginning, you do not have to be perfect or get it all right the first time.  You just have to improve a little bit every single day.


Now sit down as a group, and set some goals!