Positive Attitude at Practice

Attitude is Everything.

When you are a member of a cheer, pom, or dance team, your attitude is important in everything you do.  Practice will not function properly if even one person has a negative attitude.  Attitude is 100% contagious, and if one teammate is in a mood, that mood will spread.  

Think about what it feels like to start practice with a negative attitude.  Your mind is somewhere else, your focus is not on your performance, and your teammates recognize that you are not being yourself.  Your mind is the first thing that will cause you to fail.  You might notice however that once practice gets started and your mind starts to clear, you begin to feel better!  Negativity fades quickly if you let it.  This brings us to our next point: You can CONTROL your attitude.

When people say “I’m just having a bad day,” or “I’m feeling off, I don’t know what it is,”  those are simply excuses.  You can turn your attitude around with ONE decision.  Decide to be positive.  Decide to have a good attitude.  Decide to bring happiness to your team!

Girls usually do not enjoy talking about attitude problems, but we have to clear them up early.  Don’t let a bad attitude ruin a great group.  Remember, it only takes one negative person to ruin practice, and it only takes one good decision to turn it around!

Be positive. Be kind.  Have a good attitude!