You Perform How You Practice

Girls have heard it a million times, and coaches have said it a million times, but it has all the truth in the world! It is just like smiling, you have to make everything a habit.  Point your toes in practice, and that’s how you’ll perform. Hit your formations in practice, and that’s how you’ll perform. The cheer and dance world world will never hear enough of this concept.  


Have you ever thought that maybe we could apply the same idea to our everyday lives?  Let’s start with something small, like holding the door open. If you hold the door open and smile every time you notice that someone is close behind you, you begin to make a habit of it.  That person will hopefully recognize your kindness, and do the same for the next person. If we consciously practice good behaviors, those behaviors become habitual… not just when we’re in a good mood, not just when its a beautiful day outside, but all the time.  


Go out and make an effort to practice the way you want to perform, whether its on the cheer mat, the dance floor, or simply walking down the street.

Keep counting it out...

5, 6, 7, 8!