Write Down Your Goals

What are you doing to make the most of your season? As a coach, you can set goals for your team to grow and improve.  As a cheerleader or dancer, you can ask yourself how you can be a better teammate and friend.  No matter what goals you might have, you need to do one very important thing if you want those goals to be accomplished.


Seriously, this will change the game for you!  Get out a piece of paper, write down your goals, and take a look at them at least once a week.  You can also make promises to yourself, write them down, seal them in an envelope, and open them at the end of next year to see if you made progress!  

This will help you become a better coach, cheerleader, dancer, or teammate.  Big goals are important, but so are the day-to-day tasks.  In addition to your big goals, always write down small tasks in a journal or on post-it notes, and keep them somewhere where you look every day!  Make sure you always accomplish your most important daily tasks.  They may seem small, but small wins add up to big wins!

If you put these practices to use, you will surely see improvements in the next month.

Stay focused, stay productive, stay positive!