Keeping Your Team Motivated from Home!

Coaches, sponsors, and captains:  We are just as nervous about the upcoming season as you are!  Our lives have been turned upside down, but we want to stay as motivated as possible, even while working from home!

There are so many amazing resources nowadays to help cheer, pom, and dance teams thrive through difficult times.  Perfect 8 Counts was created to offer an affordable, online choreography solution to coaches and teams around the world.  We want to make sure every team has access to routines, whether it's in person or online!

There are so many things that can help your team members stay motivated, even when you aren't actively meeting for practice.  Whether it's quarantine or summer break, things happen!  We need to be prepared to keep working through any circumstance that comes our way.

Here are some tips to keep your team motivated from home:

  1. Make sure your team is stretching every day!  Encourage them to start their day with a stretch and some form of cardio.
  2. Tell your girls to run at least 3 routines per week!  Specify which dances you would like them to focus on.  This will help their endurance!
  3. Give your team at least one new routine to learn each week or twice a month!  Learning online routines keeps your memory strong.  Learning is a muscle just like anything else!
  4. Check in on your girls' mental health.  Make sure they are staying positive and leaning on each other for support.
  5. Encourage your team to have a group FaceTime or Zoom meeting!  Team bonding is the key to picking up where you left off.

We hope this post brings you some good ideas!  Keep working, stay positive, and remember what your goals are.  And if you ever need some extra guidance, P8C is here for you!


Keep counting it out... 5, 6, 7, 8!


Mary Dill Krow, Owner & Founder