How to Stay Confident

Let’s face it. We live in a society where we are constantly judged. We are judged about our looks, our hair, our bodies, our makeup, and we are also judged about our intelligence, our training, our skill level… the list goes on and on!

Being negatively judged doesn’t feel good. Sometimes that judgement can cause doubt or make us self-conscious. How do we overcome those bad feelings and stay confident in ourselves?

The answer is simple, but it is easier said than done…

Talk to yourself. Tell yourself why you should be confident.

Think of all the things you love about yourself. Think of all the skills that you are proud to have. Think of all your accomplishments. Tell yourself you are perfect every single day. Self-talk is a concept that can feel kind of awkward. People might say “how will just saying something make me more confident?” The truth is that the more you say something, the more you will believe it to be true.

We should all have confidence. ALL OF US. We go through life, facing obstacles, learning new things, and growing as individuals. The least we can do for ourselves is have some confidence! It will make every single day seem a lot less scary.

Being confident should never be confused with being arrogant. Confidence shows that you don’t feel the need to tear others down. You see competition as a positive thing that motivates you, not something that causes anger or jealousy. Confidence should always be a graceful and beautiful trait.

So no matter what you are going through in your life, whether its some kind of hardship, or some new learning experience, or maybe something positive, always remember to have confidence. Believe in yourself, challenge yourself, and love yourself. The rest will fall into place.


Keep counting it out...

5, 6, 7, 8!


-Mary Dill Krow