“A good leader enables others to reach their full potential.”


No matter what kind of team you have, you always need good leaders.  The leader is the person who gets everyone motivated even in the hardest times.  The leader is the one who makes a team member smile when she’s had a hard day. The leader is the one who reminds the team what their purpose is.  Some people might say that a good leader is confident, strong and positive. All of those things might be true, but the most important quality of a leader has nothing to do with the individual.  It has to do with how well the individual enables others to be the best they can be!


Whether you are a coach, a sponsor, a teacher, or a captain, your job is not about you.  It’s about the people that you inspire everyday. If you can help at least one person reach their full potential, then you have accomplished your goal!  Picture a team captain that is quieter than most and spends her time watching and listening to everyone else. She recognizes the girl that is sad and needs a hug.  She makes sure that everyone has the right color bow in their hair. She brings everyone together for a prayer or a pep talk before performing. Even though this girl is quieter than most leaders, she is probably the best kind of leader.  She is a leader whose main purpose is to make her team the best it can be! And THAT is the definition of leadership.


Talk as a team, and have everyone share their ideas about what makes the team special, and what can be done to make it better.  Before you know it, you’ll have several leaders working together to build a bond that is stronger than ever!


Now go out and inspire the people around you!