Stay Grounded

The concept of “staying grounded” can be applied to a few different things in our lives.  As cheerleaders or dancers, we might apply this concept to our balance and our control when we perform.  Staying grounded when you move will keep you from wobbling or falling, and it will help you show confidence and strength in your performance.  The concept of “staying grounded” in our everyday lives could take on a different meaning.


It is easy to see that our society has gravitated towards an online, web-focused lifestyle.  The internet has brought us so many wonderful things. Social media allows us to stay in contact with our loved ones, communicate with friends overseas, and make connections through networking.  However, it is so important to stay grounded and keep that separate from reality. Here are a few ways that we can stay connected, present, and grounded in our everyday lives.


  1. You can share your memorable moments on social media, but never forget to share those memories with the people who helped you create them.  Your loved ones will appreciate those moments much more than the hundreds of people you rarely talk to in person.
  2. Say “thank you” to the people who make you happy, not to your “followers.”  Your mom, dad, sibling or grandparent would be so much more appreciative to get that “thank you,” because your “followers” might just scroll right past it.
  3. If you are tagging someone in a post, you can call them on the phone.  We can’t forget to make real, personal contact with those people who mean the most to us.  
  4. Stop comparing yourself to everyone you see on social media.  You were born with your own talents, your own personality, and you will create your own unique and special future.  Never let other people determine how you feel about yourself.
  5. Be present in everything that you do.  I recently watched a table of women spend an entire dinner laughing, talking and telling stories.  No one was on their phones, and I said to myself, “Wow, I haven’t seen any of them on their phones… they must really be best friends!”  Be present.
  6. Put down your phone, and be happy sharing the present moment with the people around you.  Yes, pictures last a while, but if you were too busy editing, cropping, and filtering the photo, you might have been too distracted to enjoy how that memory was created in the first place.


Staying grounded in your performance is great, but staying grounded in life is imperative. We only get one life.  Do we really want to spend it with our heads buried in electronics? Challenge yourself to savor every moment, and share your happiness with the people who mean the most to you.


Keep counting it out, ladies…

5, 6, 7, 8!