Keep Your Momentum

It’s that time of year!  You are just back from cheer or dance camp, school is starting, and football season is in the air!  Practices are a piece of cake! Everyone is smiling, and everyone is ready to work hard and give it their all!

Then something strange happens… Suddenly morning practices are unbearable.  The moans and groans coming from your squad are wearing on everyone.  Injuries are happening, the smiles have faded, and the energy is shot.

This is where momentum comes into play!  You absolutely cannot let your team get into this mid-season rut.  It is so important to keep the momentum going from the moment you start the season until the very last time you perform.  Think of fun ways to keep the positive spirits going.  Start group bonding activities outside of practice, reward your teammates for a good practice or performance, and create unique squad traditions that remind everyone why cheer and dance is so important. 

Most people make the mistake of slowing down after a few big wins or accomplished goals.  Instead of resting after your success, use that energy and keep pushing forward.  That way you will keep setting higher goals and accomplish more than you ever expected.  Avoid complacency and keep striving for excellence!

Do not let the momentum stop!  Smile, stay positive, and maintain that energy from the first practice to the very last!

Keep counting it out, Ladies.

5, 6, 7, 8...